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Transportation Landscape Design

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What is transportation landscape design?

Successful transportation landscape design and planning matches the speed and mode of travel with the surrounding land use. Safety and enjoyment result from enhancing the visual experience. Urban bike lanes require early attention in the planning process to avoid vehicular and pedestrian conflicts, whereas bikeways are given the latitude to independently function in a safe and pleasant manner. We increasingly participate with public agencies, design teams and diverse user groups to satisfy the variety of transportation needs.

  • Bikeway & Greenbelt Planning
  • Parking & Transit Facilities
  • Roadway Landscape Design
  • Water Conservation Landscaping
  • Reclamation/Revegetation
  • Erosion & Fire Control
  • Grading & Drainage
  • Rest Stops, Roadside Parks
  • Interpretive Facilities
  • Public Hearings & Workshops
  • Construction Details & Estimates
  • Project Management
  • Construction Documents
  • Contract & Construction Administration

Representative Projects:

Ada County Bikeway • Agency Road / Fort Hall • BSU Parking Garage • Boise Airport Master Plan • Boise Airport Parking Garage • Boise Downtown Connector • Boise River Greenbelt • Boise Schools Transportation Facility • Boise Transit Mall • CCDC Downtown Boise Streetscapes • Caldwell Greenbelt • Capitol Boulevard Master Plan • Civic Plaza Garage • Curtis Road Extension • Boise River Crossing • Garden City Greenbelt • Grove Garage Plaza • Meridian Schools Transportation Facility • Mountain Home Gateway • Mountain Home R.R. Underpass • Pioneer Corridor Pathway • Ten Mile Road/I-84 Interchange • West Parkcenter River Crossing

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